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Simulator Lounge

In the Fall of 2022, We added our brand new Simulator Lounge to the list of amenties available at Hillcrest!  Each off season our members are loving the opportunity to play and practice when the weather outside is too cold!  Please check out the links below to book spots online for our Simulator Lounge.  Members and their guests can play multiple golf courses including Augusta, Pebble Beach, St. Andrews + several more!  There are also several driving range modes that provide awesome feedback for improving your game or trying new clubs!


Guests are ALWAYS welcome to join as long as they are with a Member.  Our simulator is NOT open to the public.  Members are billed $25 per hour, regardless of how many join in on the fun!  Currently our Simulator Lounge is available during Pro Shop Hours + New After Hours availability whent the Pro Shop is CLOSED.  Members who use our Simulator Lounge after hours, must book online to recieve the current access to the Pin Code combination from the booking confirmation email. 


Hillcrest Members may use the link below to book their Simulator Reservations Online:




Rules and Regulations 

The following rules and regulations are meant to keep our Hillcrest Members and their guests safe and enjoy time to practice, compete and enjoy time with family & friends.

+ Players are responsible for the equipment inside the simulator. No swinging clubs outside of the simulators for safety reasons.

+ Only one person should be present in the hitting area at a time. Everyone MUST keep a safe distance, and keep watch of the person golfing. Stay close to the table, chairs & couches.

+ Beware and pay attention: Swinging golf clubs near people, and balls exiting the bay at high speeds, can be extremely dangerous.

+ Before you swing any club, check your surroundings to ensure no one or obstacle is within your range of swing.

+ Not all swings are a-like! Please take notice of netting, TV’s & Sprinklers on the sides and above hitting area!

+ Your shot must be directed towards the hitting screen.

+ Practice swings must be done in the designated hitting areas.

  • Be alert of where you stand or walk and stay out of someone’s range of swing.
  • Report any accidents immediately.

+ Members and their Guests acknowledge Hillcrest Golf & CC’s Simulator Lounge is under video surveillance. Tampering with a camera system or damaging equipment by not following procedures in the guidelines will result in a financial responsibility to repair any and all damages.

+  If you bring your own clubs, please make sure club faces are clean before play.

+ Keep food and drinks at the provided tables. NO FOOD OR DRINK INSIDE SIMULATOR at any time!

+ We would love for you to be able to finish your “last hole”, but if another group is booked after you, we will transition the simulator to the next group promptly at the end of your booking time.