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Youth Academy & Leagues

Youth Golf

Youth golf at Hillcrest will be split into 4 different categories:


Defined as youth who has never played golf before. They may have only been on the practice facility or is under 7 years of age.


Defined as youth who has played on a golf course before, but never from a true tee. The youth may have a small understanding of the rules, or is between the ages of 7-12.


Defined as youth who has played from a full tee on the golf course and can break 55 consistently for 9 holes. The youth have an average understanding of the rules. Age is not a factor for this category.


Defined as youth who can play from a set of tees designed for their age and break 45 consistently for 9 holes. The youth have an advanced understanding of the rules, and is looking to advance in golf past recreational play. Age is not a factor for this category.

There will be 4 different options for Junior Golfers:

Junior Camp

Dates (July 15th-19th)- Junior Camp is a structured camp with the professionals at Hillcrest. This is a five day camp, Monday-Friday, that will last 2 hours each day. Each day will focus on a different part of the game and will be a fun, competitive, very interactive setting. This camp will be made for all 4 categories, but is designed for beginner to intermediate juniors.

PGA Junior League (June-July)

PGA Junior League is a more competitive setting. With a weekly practice and match for six weeks of the summer. This league also has an all-star setting that includes competitive matches with other areas in order to play in the PGA Jr. League playoffs. The league consists of playing 9 holes, with a teammate in a scramble format, head to head against other teams in the local area. This would be more designed for all categories, however it is more in line with 2, 3, and 4. Click Here to view PGA Junior League Registration.

Friday Youth Play Days

(June 14th-August 2nd) – During the summer at 9AM every Friday, Hillcrest will host a youth play day. Youth members must be between the ages of eight and eighteen and must be able to play nine holes walking in less than three hours. Youth will be required to carry or push their clubs, but may bring a caddie if needed. Youth may bring up to two guests on these days for a small fee. A member of our staff will oversee the play days.

Individual lessons

Individual lessons are the best way to get on the right track. These are 1-on-1 lessons with 100% of the focus on the student and what the student wants to improve on; Lessons last a half hour and are designed for all skill levels.